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About Shoora Computer

Are you looking for computer rentals to start up with your own work station? You are on the right website to get solutions for your search!!

Shoora takes care of complete system infrastructure solutions to organizations in need based on their requirements. It is for all those entrepreneurs across India, who is eager to establish a company, start-up or any business who want a workstation set up at a limited cost and support.

We at Shoora provide Laptop, desktop, printer, servers and more with all brands and models. Also, we offer insurance and IT support for the same. Timely up-gradation of the equipment will be done giving no worries to the one who runs the business about the systems.

What Can You Rent

Anything IT-related from Computer Exchange

We are located in Bangalore serving you from past years to satisfy your requirements. Shoora computers are the best IT product leasing company in India as we offer:

  • Computer leasing services
  • Efficient delivery and service
  • Technical support with all our rental requirements
  • Create complete work station space with all the required types of equipment to start with.

Shoora computers are claimed to have PAN India authority providing you services throughout India, whichever part it might be. An added advantage of choosing us is that we provide IT management of the system if the customers wish to purchase more than 100 computers. This also covers you with the guaranteed protection against IT theft, which makes us more reliable and efficient thereby ensuring that we are one of the leading IT Rental Companies (Laptop, desktop, printer, and servers providers).

We also help you if you have pre-defined software of your company and wanting to be preloaded on every desktop. Our agents will be installing the software so that when it is delivered to you each desktop is ready to go. Our systems run the latest In OS, helping you get a compatible desktop which works adaptable on any version of the software that you install.

We are an electro rent company with the most dedicated team of professionals consistently providing the best technology, quality service rental experience to businesses. Our customers can rely on us to provide the most up to date computers in the market even if you need one or one hundred desktop computers on a short term basis.

  • Staying ahead

    Nothing goes down in value like IT equipment – how many offices have old laptops and computers taking up space in cupboards? Laptop hire meanwhile enables you to spend your money more wisely, while also taking advantage of continuous advances in computer technology. Stand out from your competitors by hiring out the latest models and demonstrating to your clients that you’re a business staying ahead of the curve.

  • Cost-effective

    This is particularly relevant if you are having to cut down on business expenditures. Buying resources for the sake of a couple of meetings, training sessions, or for a specific corporate event is often unnecessary – why not hire what you need for the occasion and save your company some money? Laptop hire prices are incredibly affordable and make much more sense than buying equipment outright, especially if you won’t be using it that often.

  • See it as a ‘try before you buy’ opportunity

    Short-term laptop rental is also a great way to see if you get on with a particular device without forking out loads of cash, and then finding that you don’t like it! Say that you hire the Lenovo Tablet Hybrid for a specific conference – you might then realise that you would use it more than you think, and find it particularly user-friendly and suited to your needs. Or you can hire a laptop for your team for a specific project or event, without needing to commit to software or hardware long-term.

  • No storage space required

    Hiring computers is a good idea if you’re short on office space. Storing laptops and the accompanying equipment can take up a lot of vital physical space that you need for other things , so only having what you need in the office when you need it can help keep things uncluttered and create a nicer working environment.

  • Adjusting to a more mobile workforce

    Workers are more than ever either working from home, whilst travelling, or using shared working spaces. A more flexible workforce with rental laptops could be an excellent benefit to your business and enable your employees to be more productive while you adapt to the changing and flexible needs of your business.